If you have a Mac, then you will notice that you in System Preferences, you can add Google, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, and more accounts to your Macintosh, but there is no option to add a Microsoft Account.


Why should you add your accounts to your Mac?

 The primary reasons why one might want to add their Internet Accounts to their Mac would be to read and send Email using Mac Mail, see their Contacts in the built-in Contacts app, and access their Calendar using iCal (not to be confused with the iCalendar ics format). Additional benefits would include access to Notes in the Notes app and to-do lists in the Reminders app.


Adding the Microsoft Account 

In the Internet Accounts section of System Preferences, click the + button. Then, click “Exchange”. Type your information, which is your full name, your email address for your Microsoft Account, and your Microsoft Account password. If you have 2FA enabled, you need to generate an App Password and use that.


Then, tick the apps you want to use your Microsoft Account with.

Here’s what each option means:

Mail: brings your Outlook.com email to MacMail.

Contacts: brings your people.live.com address book to the Mac OS X Contacts app.

Calendars: brings your calendar.live.com calendars to iCal.

Reminders: brings your Microsoft To-Do task list to the OS X Reminders app.

Notes: brings your Outlook Notes to the Mac OS X Notes app. For more information on Outlook Notes, go to Outlook.com and select Notes in the folder list. These notes are also available in Office for Android, the Windows 10 Sticky Notes app, http://onenote.com/stickynotes/, and your OneNote Feed.